Sunday, October 7, 2012

Ch2b Resubmission directions - Due by Friday!

1. Look at the tracking spreadsheet.  Find your name and look at the following columns:

Concept 0 - BK - Question 1, 2, and/or secret questions
Concept 1 - BN - Question 1 and/or 2
Concept 2 - BQ - Question 1, 2, and/or secret questions
Concept 3 - don't need to resubmit
Concept 4 - BW - Question 1 and/or secret questions
Concept 5 - BZ - Question 2
Concept 6 - CC - Question 1, 2, 3, and/or secret questions

see video here for the secret question for concept 6. You must explain to me how to solve it and what you did wrong the first time.

Concept 7 - don't need to resubmit
Concept 8 - don't need to resubmit

If it says "must resubmit", follow the rest of the directions.  

If those columns are blank, you must contact Mrs. Kirch via email, edmodo, or text and ask her for directions. (that means she hasn't graded yours yet because you turned it in late)
If those columns say #N/A, that means you never originally submitted it and must 
(1) submit the WSQ normally, 
(2) Contact Mrs. Kirch to ask her to grade your WSQ; 

2. Look at the spreadsheets for each concept and find your name.  This folder includes ALL the spreadsheets for the chapter.  Click here to access.

3. Any box highlighted in PINK you must resubmit fully and correctly.  Re-read the question in the top row.  Some WSQs have only one question you must resubmit whereas others might have two or three.

4. To resubmit, follow these directions:

  • Log in to Edmodo.  If you don't remember your login, send me an email or text message asking for your login information
  • Send me a private note (make sure the "Send To" box says "Mrs. Crystal Kirch")
  • In the note, tell me
    • Which Concept you are resubmitting
    • What your fully correct answer is.  What did you get wrong the first time? What mistake did you make?  Just the correct answer WILL NOT BE OKAY!
  • Include this for ALL questions on that WSQ you need to resubmit
5. If you have to resubmit MORE THAN ONE CONCEPT, you must send me MORE THAN ONE NOTE, one for each concept.

6. Make sure you check for my reply.  I will either respond with "approved, thank you", or I will ask another question.  You must continue to respond until I say "approved, thank you". 

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